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“Smuggins was a messenger for the King.”

Smuggins stands every day ready and waiting in the King’s courtroom in the King’s castle. It’s the center of all the kingdom, perched high in its city, rising from the plains around it. The King’s people love him, but there are rumors of unrest at the edges of kingdom-North, East, West, and South. Some do not trust the King’s goodness.

In all of this, Smuggins knows one thing: as a King’s Messenger, his most important task is to make the King’s goodness known throughout the land.

“Welcome to a story that winds through the struggles of patience, failure, forgiveness, and suffering until it lands at last in rest.”
– Rebecca Reynolds, Author

“A lovely tale, with the imprint of the classics on it. The saga of Smuggins is sure to be beloved and cherished.”
– Glenn McCarty, Author

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