Carolyn Clare Givens is a displaced Northerner exploring the foreign ways of the South. She spends her time working in communications and meeting new characters in her imagination who bother her until she can find a world for them to live in and story for them to tell. She is the author of The King’s Messenger, a middle-grade children’s fiction book.

Carolyn works at Church at Charlotte in North Carolina and does freelance writing and editing. In addition, she works with Story Warren, allies in imagination for families, with ArtsCharlotte, which seeks to nourish the soul of the city through the arts, and with The Curator, which commits to wrestle with all that is in culture, and to look toward all that ought to be in hope.

She holds an M.A. in English with an emphasis in professional and creative writing and teaching. She worked as a writer and editor at Cairn University for four years, where she edited and produced the University magazine and edited the first book published by the University. In addition she worked with the marketing team in print, web, and social media marketing. As an editor, she has worked on a broad variety of pieces, including magazine articles, fiction, and academic works. As a publisher, she has overseen the editing and production of academic, non-fiction, and fiction books.

Carolyn has bumped around the world throughout her life, growing up as a missionary kid in Michigan and Hong Kong, and later serving on staff at Alaska Bible College. She revels in good stories, good music, and wrestles with the intersection of faith, art, vocation, and culture. Carolyn lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a house full of books with her two cats, Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.

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